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The PRIMOTM, or Prime-Rated Individual Mortgage-backed Obligation, is a new kind of investment that seeks higher yields and lower risk. PRIMOs are securities backed by individual high-quality residential mortgages – perfect for investors who want to diversify holdings and boost fixed-income returns.

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Settle for more.

How PRIMOs work.


Millions of home loans are made each year.

But not all loans are created equal, as we learned in 2008.


Some loans are safer investments than others.

We look for loans made to people with excellent credit and a strong ability to repay.


We acquire high quality mortgages.

We work with lenders to identify loans which meet our high standards.


We convert each mortgage into a PRIMO.

This provides investors with greater visibility into the loan details.


You choose which PRIMOs to invest in.

Or you can invest in all PRIMOs for maximum diversity. You never lose visibility into the underlying loans.


You receive regular monthly income.

You may also choose to reinvest your income for maximum long-term growth.

How PRIMOs help individual investors

PRIMOs provide access to something that until now has only been available to hedge funds, institutional investors, and the very wealthy. Mortgage investing with PRIMOs spreads your investment across multiple residential properties, creating diversification that reduces risk. And because PRIMOs are built on mortgages tied to borrowers with high credit scores and a strong ability to repay, you can feel confident in your investment.

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The PRIMO Advantage.

Higher Yields

Earn strong returns relative to other fixed-income options.


Diversify your portfolio by spreading your investment across many different PRIMOs.

Lower Risk

Rest easy knowing your PRIMO investments are backed by real assets.

Liquidity Option

Income& offers a liquidity option. See the FAQs for more information.

Full Transparency

View the details of each PRIMO, such as borrower FICO score, down payment, property location, and more.


PRIMOs were developed by a team with deep experience in financial services, banking, and consumer products.

High Standards

Invest in PRIMOs based on strong borrower requirements such as low debt-to-income and high down payments.

Take a Test Drive.

See how easy it is to put together a portfolio of PRIMOs.
The sample portfolio is for demonstration only. All PRIMOs in the portfolio contain simulated data and are not real.

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