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PRIMOs are only sold by private placement memorandum to accredited investors, and an accredited investor or advisor should read the private placement memorandum carefully to understand the characteristics and risks of PRIMOs before investing.

Target returns based on loan information available at the time of writing and assumptions about performance based on available historical performance data. “Returns” are net of third party fees and Income& Platform Fees, and represent the compounded annual return for a PRIMO based on the premium paid (or discount received), and assuming the PRIMO is fully-performing and held to maturity. Default and recovery rates, prepayment speed and mortgage rates are uncertain, and could affect actual returns. Future performance is not guaranteed.

Performance-related forward looking statements including “high performing”, “superior returns” and “superior risk-adjusted returns” are based on past performance of 10-year products, including Treasury Notes, and investment grade corporate and municipal bonds, which may not be the same in the future. “Lower risk” generally means lower risk than marketplace lending products not backed by a mortgage or other hard asset.

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