Introducing the PRIMO.

Less risk. More monthly income.

Income& is proud to introduce the PRIMO, or Prime-Rated Individual Mortgage-backed Obligation. Each PRIMO is backed by a high quality, prime-rated residential mortgage. PRIMOs offer low risk, seek yields of 6% or better, and have a high level of transparency and unprecedented customization.

Using Income&’s next-generation platform, a portfolio of PRIMOs can be selected in one simple click, or customized based on geography, risk, or desired yield.

With the invention of the PRIMO, RIAs and investors now have access to something previously available only to hedge funds and big investment banks.
Discover how it works.

Each PRIMO is backed by a single prime-rated residential mortgage, and split into $100 increments. Investors can easily select or customize a diversified portfolio of PRIMOs.

Get visibility into things like the location of the properties, borrower FICO scores, and more.
High Yields

Earn excellent returns relative to other low-risk, fixed-income options.