Introduce your clients to higher yields and lower risk.

With Income&, you don’t have to be an expert in real estate to help your clients strengthen their portfolios with high-quality PRIMOs backed by individual residential mortgages. Our platform simplifies the investment process by presenting PRIMOs in a clear, transparent format that everyone can understand.

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Introduce your clients to higher yields and lower risk.

Our solution

PRIMOs are perfect for diversifying your client’s holdings and boosting fixed-income returns.


Build a portfolio of PRIMOs in just a few clicks.


You can view in-depth loan details such as property location and borrower's FICO to ensure you’re making a quality investment.


Easily tailor a strategy to your clients’ risk preferences and income goals. Customize by geography, FICO Score, and more.

Our commitment to you and your clients.

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Higher yields

Earn strong returns relative to other fixed-income options.


Diversify your portfolio by spreading your investment across many different PRIMOs.

Lower risk

Rest easy aknowing your PRIMO investments are backed by real assets.

Liquidity option

Income& offers a liquidity option. See the FAQs for more information.

Full transparency

View the details of each PRIMO, such as borrower FICO score, down payment, property location, and more.


PRIMOs were developed by a team with deep experience in financial services, banking, and consumer products.

High standards

Invest in PRIMOs based on strong borrower requirements such as low debt-to-income and high down payments.

Experience PRIMOs

Try our demo to see how easy it to put together a portfolio of PRIMOs. The simulated experience allows you to select from a set of fictitious clients and “purchase” a customized portfolio of PRIMOs for them.
The sample portfolio is for demonstration only. All PRIMOs in the sample portfolio contain simulated data and are not real.

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