About Income&

At Income&, we're reinventing fixed income investing for people like you with a product that seeks returns of 6% or more while offering reliable monthly income with lower risk.

Founded in 2014, Income& is a San Francisco-based financial technology company that pioneered the PRIMOTM. Led by a team of seasoned executives from some of the most innovative and successful financial service firms in the world, Income& is revolutionizing the fixed-income marketplace.

About Income&

We started with a tough problem

We’ve seen our parents transition from the workplace to retirement. Like other retirees, our parents need to replace work income with a stable source of investment income that provides solid returns but avoids excessive risk. That’s why we founded Income&.

We discovered a surprising solution

We found our answer in residential mortgages — specifically the highest credit quality, nonconforming mortgages that banks and other lenders can’t sell to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Income& acquires those nonconforming loans made to borrowers with great credit and a strong ability to repay. By dividing these high-quality mortgages into small pieces, we invented a way for people like our parents to own shares in these mortgages.

And thus was born the PRIMO.

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Where can you find reliable income?

The stock market is volatile. Government bonds and CDs are reliable but they don’t generate enough income. It’s a huge problem that no one has solved until now.


Brad Walker

Brad Walker

CEO, Former Director of Institutional Product & Strategy, PENSCO Trust
Vincent Phillips

Vincent Phillips

CTO, Former CTO, Copart; Former CEO, Charles Schwab CyberTrader
Keith Meyer

Keith Meyer

CMO, Former VP Customer Experience, Commonwealth Bank; Former Head of Marketing, Prosper



Advisory Board

Colin Walsh

CEO & Co-Founder, Varo Money

Jeffrey Lyons

Former EVP, Charles Schwab

Mike Norris

Former VP Investor Services, Lending Club

Vicki Cullen

Former SVP Capital Markets, Bank of America

Vincent Turner

Founder & CEO, uno.

Georges Sabongui

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Champlain Group LLC

Richard Arnold

Former CFO, Charles Schwab

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