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Founded in 2014, Income& is the San Francisco-based financial technology company that pioneered the PRIMO in response to America’s demand for a better fixed-income investment option. Built with a team of seasoned executives from some of the most innovative and successful firms in the world, Income& is revolutionizing the fixed-income marketplace.
About Income&
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Brad Walker
Brad Walker

Former Director of Institutional Product & Strategy, PENSCO
Brad has 10+ years experience in sales, research, and strategy for industry-leading investment firms. He is a recognized thought leader in emerging tech-enabled financial services including crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending.

Benjamin Strub, CFA
Benjamin Strub, CFA
President & CFO

Former VP Finance & Treasurer, PENSCO
Ben has 15+ years experience in public and private financial services companies, having held executive roles in Finance, Treasury, Operations, and Risk Management. He led M&A; activity by building the financial structure to acquire PENSCO’s largest competitor.

Vincent Phillips
Vincent Phillips

Former CTO Copart, Former CEO of Schwab’s CyberTrader
Vinny has 17+ years experience building fin-tech enterprises with an emphasis on portfolio accounting and trading systems. He built the world’s first web trading system for Schwab.com and launched first-of-their-kind tech platforms including Copart Mobile, CyberTraderPro, and eSchwab.

Keith Meyer
Keith Meyer

Former VP Customer Experience, Commonwealth Bank of Australia: MyWealth
Keith has 20+ years executive experience in marketing with an emphasis on financial services. His experience includes senior marketing roles at Schwab and Visa, and at Prosper where he ran marketing for America’s first peer-to-peer lending marketplace.

Colin Walsh

CEO & Co-Founder, Varo Money
Colin’s accomplishments include developing the first corporate procurement card, the first internet home equity loan, and the first European Duo card. He was the prior Chairman of the UK Council of Mortgage Lenders and a former board member of both Visa Europe and Executive Networks.
Jeffrey Lyons

Former EVP, Charles Schwab
Jeff has nearly 30 years of financial services experience in general management, marketing, and strategy. At Charles Schwab, he held executive leadership positions in retail brokerage, mutual funds, active trader, and the Executive Committee. He has been a director for Barclay’s Global Investors Mutual Funds, Nationwide Funds, and SchwabFunds.
Mike Norris

Former VP Investor Services, Lending Club
Mike joined Lending Club in 2011 and developed the investor sales, servicing, and operations teams at both Lending Club and its subsidiary LC Advisors. At the time of his departure in 2015, total assets invested between the two divisions were over $2.5B. Mike also held various sales management roles at Fisher Investments.
Vicki Cullen

Former SVP Capital Markets, Bank of America
Vicki has 25+ years of mortgage banking experience, managing all facets of secondary mortgage market operations. She has also held leadership roles at USAA Federal Savings Bank, Lydian Private Bank, and WCS Lending.
Vincent Turner

Founder & CEO, uno.
Vincent is currently the CEO of uno Home Loans, an Australian financial technology company. His previous mortgage software startup there had 90% of the banks as customers. He also ran the SF FinTech meetup, the 3rd largest in the world (after NYC and London). Vincent is an investor and advisor to a handful of select fintech companies.
Georges Sabongui

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Champlain Group LLC
George has 25 years of sales and marketing experience focused on enterprise software and SaaS. He has hired more than 350 sales and marketing professionals that generated more than $600 million in revenue.
Richard Arnold

Former CFO, Charles Schwab
Richard assisted the founder of Schwab in building the company from 20 employees to 6000+. He is a former Allied Member of the NYSE and a Foundation Member of the International Association of Financial Planners. Richard was most recently CFO and EVP Strategy at CrowdFlower.
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