A safer way to invest, with higher returns and reliable income.

At Income&, we’re reinventing fixed-income investing for people like you. We seek returns of 5% and above with predictable monthly income and lower risk. Finally, a simple way to create stable investment income that you can live with.

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A safer way to invest, with higher returns and reliable income.
Up to 5.75 yields and beyond
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Invest in real assets.

Introducing a new kind of investment with high yields and low risk: the PRIMO™. A PRIMO is directly tied to a residential mortgage from a borrower with a high credit score and a strong ability to repay. When you invest in PRIMOs, you’re investing in real people. Real people with real assets, generating real income for you.

How it Works

Our revolutionary technology simplifies real estate investing.

Until now, it was not easy for the average person to invest in residential mortgages. With PRIMOs, we’ve completely changed the game. Our technology takes something complicated and opaque and makes it simple, transparent, and understandable. You get the benefits of monthly income without the risk or reams of paperwork.

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Our revolutionary technology simplifies real estate investing.

Simple, transparent, and customizable.

With PRIMOs, we’ve created a new way to invest in mortgage-backed assets and achieve reliable, higher-yield fixed-income.



Easily tailor a portfolio to your risk preferences and income goals.



View details such as property location and borrower's FICO to ensure you’re making an informed investment decision.



Scan through available PRIMOs, assemble your portfolio, and click to purchase.

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From Our Customers

“Even as an accredited investor, I found it difficult to find fixed income investments with lower risk and decent returns. Now that I’ve discovered PRIMOs from Income&, I feel like I’ve found exactly what I was looking for.” John N., Concord, CA

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